Peer Mentorship Program

The Peer Mentorship Program is committed to promoting the mental, social, and physical wellness of EEMB graduate students.

Short-term goals

  • Provide an inclusive and reliable support network for incoming students

  • Provide personal guidance to first-year students for individual decision-making

  • Be mindful and and proactive in addressing unique student needs

Long-term goals

  • Identify and address current stressors to students

  • Continuously reevaluate program structure to ensure student needs are being met

Mentoring Families

Each incoming student is paired with one early-stage graduate student and one advanced-stage graduate student in a mentoring “family”. In addition, each group is assigned a faculty mentor. If you would like to become involved in the mentorship program, please email

The 2022 - 2023 Mentorship Program has begun!

  • Updated program guidelines here

  • Scheduled program events are

    • Fall quarter: Pumpkin decoration on 10/20

    • Winter quarter: Tide-pooling on 1/26

    • Spring quarter: Field day/BBQ on 4/20