Letter to Faculty

Letter to UCSB EEMB Faculty with Demands Toward Racial Equality

During the month of June, we composed a letter and associated petition to EEMB faculty with a list of demands and several appendices of information and resources. Over 30 EEMB graduate students collaborated on this letter. The petition was made available for signing on July 1, 2020, and was formally sent to faculty on July 3, 2020.

Letter to EEMB Faculty, Staff, and Administration from Black Graduate Students

An additional letter was written by the Black graduate students of EEMB (sent June 30, 2020) and is fully endorsed by the authors of the DEIW petition. We ask that the EEMB department prioritize these demands over the full suite of actions listed in our petition.

Faculty Response

Read the initial faculty response (sent July 10, 2020) here.

Here is a point-by-point breakdown of their response vs. our demands:

Our Demands vs. Faculty Commitments

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  • UC Davis: Dr. Tessa Hill, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Programs in Public Scholarship and Engagement, faculty at Bodega Marine Lab, and UCSB IGPMS alum, has begun compiling a resource list for faculty to begin doing the work of anti-racism within their own labs and classrooms. CLICK TO VIEW

Related Efforts Across the US

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  • Lehigh University: 2,385 faculty, staff, students, and alumni signed an open letter to Lehigh President John Simon and Board of Trustees Chairman Kevin Clayton, delivered June 2, 2020. The letter demanded immediate action dismantling racism at Lehigh, and draws on the frustration of past efforts that have been ignored by Lehigh administration. CLICK TO VIEW LETTER

  • Open Letter from Faculty of Color: Dr. Paul Barber (UCLA) and Dr. Tyrone Hayes (UCB) published an open letter to university STEM faculty, outlining meaningful actions that must be taken to combat systemic racism in higher education. CLICK TO VIEW

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